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11 Reasons Why Italians Are The Best Friends Ever

You think you’ve already find your perfect best friend? That’s because you’ve never had an Italian best friends. These are my reasons why my Italian friends are the best ones I’ve never had in my life.

friendship, best friends, best friends, reasons, Italians, Italy, friend, Italian friends
As I’m currently living in Italy, the vast majority of my friends are Italian by now. My best friend is an Italian police Inspector. My Italian neighbour Giulia has become a very close friend of mine, meal after meal, dog sitting after dog sitting.
I’ve been through a lot with those two chaps. I’ve discovered the worst and the best of Italy through them, but most importantly they helped me come to the conclusion that Italians are the best friends that you can ever have.

Disclaimer: this blog doesn’t intent to stereotype Italian people. My best friends, Angelo and Giulia, really reflect these points below. Here is why they are the best friends ever.

  1. When an Italian meets you it’s not just about saying hello. They shake your hand or pat your shoulder, and then they hug and kiss you. It’s a whole ritual.
  2. An Italian friend doesn’t invite you to come over to their place just for a coffee. When they say caffè they means lunch, dinner, or a really long tea, with lots of food, pretty much a whole meal. I’m getting fat in Italy.
  3. There is no such thing as a boring evening. Whenever you go out with an Italian friend, the battle for paying the bill starts even before you have met. No matter how much effort you put in, you have to always sweat double the amount that your Italian friend has to win them over.
  4. If an Italian becomes a friend of yours, you’ve not only got them as a friend but you’re consequently acquiring their entire family as “friends” too. You just have to deal with it; there is no way out of it.
  5. An Italian friend is a football geek, or an art geek, or a fashion geek, or cooking geek. And even if they aren’t, then there are more than a few chances that they know a hell of a lot more about any given topic than you.
  6. You cannot spend a Christmas, an Easter day or bank holiday alone, if you have an Italian friend. They will never allow you to spend a holiday day by yourself, and will happily drag you to one of their relatives’ places (where you, of course, already know everyone) to eat, eat and eat some more. Oh and of course, meet their very pretty cousins. If you like solitude, then you must plan an escape from your Italian friends.
  7. It doesn’t matter how bad you fight and argue. Or which one of you is right or wrong. An Italian friend is forever.
  8. An Italian’s kitchen has everything you need to cheer you up when you’re down or in times of needs. And of course, in those moments it’s highly possible that your Italian friend will cook for you.
  9. An Italian friend will constantly be making you question and review you driving standards and skills. And they’ll always make you think about life – if you’re alive after a journey of their driving.
  10. Radio is nothing if compared to having a conversation with an Italian friend. They never stop talking. And when they’re not talking, they’re singing.
  11. It may just so happen that your Italian friend will swear. But don’t worry, they swear only because they believe in their god, otherwise it wouldn’t mean anything to them.

What about your friends? Tell me about what makes your friends so special!

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