Afterstress infusion time with roomie

It’s cold outside and it’s weekend. Nothing better than a warm drink. It’s infusion time with my dear Giulia!

infusion time winter giulia
When I moved to Tursenia, I’d never thought that winters would be so harsh in here. I moved at the end of March, and yet it was nice and warm. In England, March is still bloody cold and dump, so I figured that the Tursenian winter wouldn’t be so bad after all.

I was wrong.

The continental climate that rules over Tursenia makes the city extremely hot in summer and super cold on winter.

The building where I live is kind of a Medieval one, I think it’s been built around 1700, so the walls are quite thick. That should be helpful to keep the temperature stable inside, but it’s bloody freezing!
Then  Giulia had the brilliant idea of an infusion time. We’ve been having tea and infusions a couple of times per day, and especially during weekends we basically spend the whole day switching the kettle on and enjoying a cuppa together on the couch, watching football.

Life is not so miserable after all when you’ve got friends, is it?

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