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Aperitivo con vista!

Still wondering why I love Italy? Here’s my current view while having a pre-weekend aperitivo… con vista!

aperitivo con vista tursenia overview panorama landscape italyGive me a bowl of chips and I will die happy! I’m having a lovely aperitivo before lunch today, and that’s the great panorama I can see from my table out here. Weather is glorious today so my colleagues and I thought to break the routine and go out eating.

A classic Italian lunch can’t be called that way if it’s not anticipated by the aperitivo, which it’s basically tasty finger food as appetisers, served with a soft drink or a bubbled drink (ie a Spritz).

The first time I went to Italy (and it was maaaaany years ago, I was just a kid), I thought that the aperitivo would spoil my hunger, but on the contrary it really triggers your appetite!
I was surprised the first time it happened, and now I’m kind of get used to it.  I love enjoying the aperitivo time.

Ultimately, there’s anything better than having an aperitivo con vista. Here’s San Domenicano church along with my bowl of chips. The Spritz I ordered was gone already by the time I took the photo!

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