blackberry in tursenia, autumn, fall

Blackberry in Tursenia, reminds me of London!

Blackberry in Tursenia almost ready! Fall, autumn fruits

Blackberry in Tursenia are almost ready!

It reminds me when I was in London (yes, you can find blackberries in the very heart of the metropolis) and blackberries used to announce the fall’s approaching. Blackberries appearance normally happens at the end of August in London, while here in Tursenia it is middle October and the weather is still pretty warm. That explains also why blackberries are ripening now!

I hope to get a good amount (read: A LOT) of berries, so to bring them to Giulia and force her to make some jars of jam! I know it’s mean but I do miss my grandmother’s jams and Giulia is the queen of the kitchen, hence of the handmade food. Should I spoil this beautiful blackberries in Tursenia, otherwise?