giulia afternoon drinks italian neighbours

Having crafted beers with my fav Italian neighbour 🍻🍺

giulia afternoon drinks italian neighbours crafted beers

Sometimes you just need an afternoon drinks. I spent it with my favourite Italian neighbour, Giulia, and had some tasty crafted beers.

She’s having a very nice dark Ale brewed here in Tursenia, while I went for a pale ale with some notes of chestnut. There are two little companies that make crafted beers in the city at the moment, and they’re having their momentum now! Italy is not only the country of the many awesome wines, so people are seriously into crafted beers as well.

Angelo told me that 10 years ago you could have only lagers pretty much everywhere in Italy, but if you wanted to have an ale or a well-crafted beers, you had to overcome the Italian boundaries.

So I have to say I’m lucky to live in Italy in a moment where crafted beers are trendy. Entrepreneurs are investing in that and people appreciate the discovering of new types of beers. Giulia likes both ales and lagers, although she had never tasted an ale before I made her try one out, a couple of months ago. She literally fell in love with the bitter-ish after taste of the ales, and now she opts for a lager only if there are not ales available!

I think she’s going to love her next trip to Britain or Ireland then! :D

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  1. We got the Italians started on Rugby, now here are a few brews worthy of a prop forward! Way to go, Giulia!

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