short crime story - Cutting Right to the Chase vol.2 kindle ebook

Cutting Right To The Chase Vol.2

“Ancient Etruscan Walls can hold lots of modern crime stories.”

short crime story - Cutting Right to the Chase vol.2 kindle ebookThe saga of unusual crime stories on which I stumble every day continues. It keeps being all about my snooping abilities and what my childhood friend Inspector Angelo Alunni calls “exceptional perceptiveness from which nothing escapes”. If he says so, I’m OK with that.

Following the formula of the Volume 1 this collection of crime stories are 1000 words length each. Instead of being 6, this time the detective short stories are 10. Wow, 4 more, how cool is that?In this collection, proud prostitutes alternate with young lovers, sloppy drug dealers, elderly people tired of living, amazing chefs and, as usual, my neighbours who are always gossipy, fanatically religious and very nosey.

These are 10 open, shiny windows overlooking the less dramatic crime stories of Tursenia – the Medieval town in the heart of Italy where I currently live. When I chose to move here, I thought that city would be the perfect place where a former detective like me – now dedicated to living his placid office lifestyle – could get a bit of quiet. Instead, I get run for his money. Anyone and everyone could be a criminal. And I well know it.

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