cutting right to the chase vol 3 detective short stories

Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3

“If a British detective is involved, mystery short stories and Italian medieval cities go hand in hand.”

cutting right to the chase vol 3, detective short stories, mystery short storiesThere is never a dull moment in Tursenia. Don’t tell me about that! The peaceful city hides a dark criminal soul- and I find that out day by day. Silent mysterious dramas happen daily under the very noses of its citizens.You know I’m not an usual Tursenian, though: my previous life as a British detective in London left many (painful) marks on me that help me see things beyond their appearences.

Throughout these short detective stories – which are 1000 words length each as per series formula – I deals with all the various crimes that are likely to crop up in any medieval city in central Italy, and that you might be start being to get used of: street riots, family dramas, murder mysteries, cold cases, domestic accidents, scams, suicides and so forth. These are all crimes where my best friend, Inspector Angelo Alunni,  and I manage to nail the culprit… well, pretty much. You’ll see whilst reading. 

Cutting Right to the Chase Vol. 3 is a collection of standalone mystery short stories that you’ll like and enjoy even if you haven’t read the first two volumes.

So… still doubting? What are you waiting for? Discover my new flash fiction now.

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