Fighting the festivities sweet tooth craving

Ugh, the feared festivities sweet tooth craving is back, and it’s stronger than ever!

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Have you ever had a massive post festivities sweet tooth craving? I had, and currently experiencing it again! What I like to call the infamous festivities sweet tooth craving especially shows up when trying to lose some few pounds. Being currently there as well!

What you see in the picture below – which is actually what’s lining on my kitchen table at this very moment – probably is not the best way for turning off the cravings at all, but it works for me.

A big bowl of fresh fruit and a sprinkle of chocolate. Period.
Fruits have natural sweetness from sugar, and are a great source of vitamins and micronutrients. I think I don’t need to add any comments or captions for the chocolate *wink wink*

I won’t be eating the whole bowl in one go, but it’s definitely better than dive my face on a cake or stuff myself with butter cookies 😜

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