Italian historical short story

Guest star in an Italian historical short story

Many of you who read and follow this blog may may know I’m a man of mystery, narrative and detective stuff. Some of you, though, may not know that I’ve been featured in an Italian historical short story, where – of course – blood and mysteries are happening.

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The Italian historical short story hasn’t been translated in English yet, but looks like the author is working on it ;)
The story is set in the Medieval times, around 15oo dC, in Tursenia/Perugia. The story talks about a homicide happened in the city, which triggers one of the most beautiful, famous and complicated masterpiece of Raphael, Raffaello Sanzio, the painter.
It’s a story of love, death and revenge, but it’s also about passion, art and Tursenia.If you know someone who can read in Italian and loves art, history and mystery, this Italian historical short story is definitely their cup of tea. It makes also an easy and cozy gift for any occasion.The short story is titled “Le Nozze Rosse” (Literally it’s The Red Wedding) and is available to purchase worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store. Link is here:

Where am I in all of this? I appear as a cameo at some point, but I don’t want to reveal more!

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