Halloween mood – Murder at the ice cream shop

Murder at the ice cream shop… sounds like a cool title for a mystery story, isn’t it?

The Halloween mood is really kicking in Tursenia recently!


halloween mood, murder at the ice cream shop

I thought someone had killed the freezer at my favourite gelateria here in Tursenia.

Then I spotted a silhouette of a man drawn on the floor and I was like – has a murder just happened at my favourite ice cream shop? 😱
Then yeah – checked the calendar and it’s about Halloween mood everywhere 

Although Halloween is not typical from Italy, Italians love this celebration. They like decorating their shops and houses, and throw parties with zombie/monster/Halloween themes.

There are traditions in Italy, slightly different from region to region, that are associated with death and Nov 1st. While Italians tend to stick with those, they have also incorporated the Halloween shenanigans into their ancient death “cult”, just to have more fun, apparently.

Are you into the Halloween mood at all? I’m not a big fan of it, but I do like ice creams also in November :)

Have a good Halloween everyone! Don’t get played like me!

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