monday orning nap, chihuahua, luciano, tursenia

Someone is being too cute whilst having a Monday morning nap!

monday morning nap, chihuahua, luciano, tursenia

Some little chihuahua is being too cute whilst having a Monday morning nap. That’s dog’s life, people!

HA! The Monday morning nap, a practice I quit when I was like 16 years old. Adulthood really sucks, and honestly next time I want to reborn pet, like Luciano.

Look at him: he’s 7 years old, so he’s an adult dog, yet he can indulge into a Monday morning nap without feeling guilty.
The only reason why I’m here with him is because I’m deadly ill. Bloody man flu!

I feel miserable. I can’t breathe from my nose and my head is killing me. I took a pill and hopefully I’ll feel better soon.
So that’s it – for ONE day I can stay home and have a Monday morning nap, I can’t enjoy it because I feel like I’m dying right away :(

Giulia and Angelo were mocking at me because I feel sooooo bad. Not fair dudes.

Anyway–in case I fall into my personal Monday morning nap and won’t re-awake, I leave the ownership of this blog to Giulia – she can turn this into Luciano’s blog if she fancy it.
I leave my car to Angelo–I hope he’ll use it to go fishing.
For the rest of the world–I’ve got anything worth mentioning in here.

As Italians say: sto morendo di febbre. Addio!

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