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Mother’s day, my story

This might not be the best happy ending Mother’s Day story, but that’s the story about me and my current relationship with my mum.
mother's day, happy mother's day

I don’t talk with my mother so often due to the family issues I’ve got. When my mom and I have a chat, we normally don’t say much, but it’s okay as long as she hears my voice and knows I’m fine here in Italy.

I’m going to call her today and tell her a couple of funny stories about Tursenia. I like the way she laughs.

My mother loves gardening, flowers, collecting old tea cups and embroidering stuff. I mean, she would embroider anything. She used to be a seamstress before marrying my father and becoming a full time mother for me and my big brother Ralph.

Now she’s a happy grandmother who loves her boys, her only daughter-in-law and her granddaughter Emily. Of course she still loves my father and he loves her back. How could it be otherwise? She’s so precious.

People, don’t underestimate your parents, don’t waste any time you can spend with them.
Happy Mother’s Day to every mom in the world!

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