My crime books


The crime books where I investigate are divided into two series.


– Chase Williams murder mystery series are long stories (crime novels or novellas) with murder(s) and some tough nuts to crack. This time I’m called to help my childhood friend out, Inspector Angelo Alunni of Tursenia Police. Even if I’m not a cop anymore and work for a cashmere firm as an import/export officer, my detective instinct is extremely strong, despite of what happened in London. What happened in London? Oh man, it’s just I can’t tell you. Sorry chaps.

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– Cutting Right To The Chase is a collection of detective short stories. That’s the meaning of the pun: those stories are brief and go straight to the point. Thanks mum for having given me that name. Along those stories I’m called to solve daily unusual crimes which take place in Tursenia (Italy). I deal with neighbourhood issues and minor but baffling offences which could affect anyone. Yes, you too, so watch out!
The Cutting Right to the Chase collection has been translated in Italian; here you can find more details, and where to purchase it.

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– There’s also a bonus short story book written about Tursenia, and I make an appearance there too! It’s the historical fiction The Bloody Wedding. Check it out, it features also the painter Raffaello Sanzio! The short story has been initially written in Italian, then translated in English. Here you can find the Italian version!

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