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Postarcards from Sardinia, a real paradise

Mojito, beach, sunset, sardinia, paradise, portotaverna, summe, tavolara

Whose this Mojito on the beach? Let me walk you through some bits of Sardinia, with pics shot by Giulia.

Sardinia is a real paradise. A bit expensive for my pockets but is worth an effort to visit.
Giulia’s currently there, enjoying some days of holidays. She sent me some pics on Whatsapp and gave me the permission of publishing here on my blog.
I miss her and Luciano in the convo – it’s so quiet and a bit sad in here, but I’m happy they#re having a great time in Sardinia! :)
So have a seat and enjoy this series of beautiful images. I love every single postcard from Sardinia I’ve received so far.

Cala Girgolu, tavolara, sardinia, paradise, san teodoro

Cala Girgolu. You can spot Tavolara isle in the back. Pic is a bit zoomed so it’s blurred.

Costa Turchese, posto san paolo, sardinia, paradise, postcard, olbia, sea, sun

Costa Turchese, near San Teodoro (OT), north east of Sardinia. The colour of the sea is more crystal than what you can see from here.

Tavolara isle, vaccileddi, sardinia, holidays

Tavolara isle seen from its shortest side at Porto Taverna. The shape of this isle is really weird! You can better appreciate it from the plane if you travel from/to Olbia airport as the plane passes very close to it.

mirto, sardegna, sardinia, italian drink, sardinian drink, liqueur, spirit

Have you ever been in Sardinia? If so, leave me some links of your best pictures! I might have some images I shot the last time I’ve been in Sardinia but I’m too lazy to search for them :P