Pull The Trigger

Pull The Trigger crime story ebook kindle

Cycling’s for brave people only in Tursenia. Murder is around the next bend and you might get involved into a crime story.

A very complicated crime story is waiting for me and my old friend Inspector Angelo Alunni. Two cyclists in the Junior Italian National Team have been inexplicably shot. A month later Junior Target Shooting National Team member is killed by a high-precision shot to his forehead.

What do cycling and target shooting have in common? Why is someone picking off young Olympic hopefuls? Those have been my first questions that will stay unreplied for quite a some time.

Angelo and I are helped by a ballistics expert from Rome, Gianmarco Betti. You know, the typical Italian man – super perfect, super natural tanned, always well dressed and well combed… the type of guy who thinks he’s god.

A series of discoveries, lies and unspoken truths gradually whittle away at the shortlist of suspects until we* reach the thrilling conclusion. This is a truly perfect murder, a perfect crime story to tell your grandchildren. Perhaps.

I face the case with my usual inquisitive attitude as well as my brilliant attention to detail. Did I ever say I’m a modest person? Come on, people, you know I was the best one at the Metropolitan Police.
Speaking of which… I also have to deal with my previous life in London as a junior Scotland Yard detective, where I caused an incident I can’t forgive myself for or ever forget.

Anyway, the main question will remain the same: who is going to pull the trigger?

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*Did I say we? Yes, I won’t be alone at the final stage of the crime story. Spoiler alert!

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