fried chicken, chicken wings, junk food, fried food

Saturday = fried chicken 🐔🍖🍗😋

fried chicken, chicken wings, junk food, fried food

Saturday = fried chicken 🐔🍖🍗😋 Here’s one (and probably only) genuine recipe by me.

Did I ever tell you I can’t cook? 😂 You know, right? I am a jack of all trades but when it’s about the kitchen… err no.
However, there is ONE thing I can make and cook. It basically kept me on my legs back at the MET police time.

Fried chicken. Glorious, perverse, junk, toxic fried chicken.
Apologies to my friends and readers who would have liked to read more shit about how bad I feel, Angelo’s murder cases, random rants, and things like that. There will come, you can bet on that.

Meanwhile, enjoy the best therapeutic way for Italians to forget about their troubles: cooking.

How to prepare fried chicken wings according to me

Also according to my mate Alex who I spent many time with. We were so hungry all the time and couldn’t spend all our salary at KFC, so we KFCed our kitchen.

Take some flour & some eggs, and put them into 2 separate bowls. Whisk the eggs so to get a slimy compound.

Grab a chicken wing. Make sure you have not washed the chicken to not spread all the potential bacteria around. Chicken may have Salmonella bacteria – the frying will kill them all. Bless you, fired oil.

Make sure to keep the chicken away from the rest of the food to avoid cross-contaminations.

Pass the wing first in the eggs bowl, then in the flour. If you really like more junky-nasty-fried chicken, re-pass the wing in the eggs bowl.

Repeat this for all the chicken wings.

Pour some oil in a pan – at least a couple of inches tall. I normally use sesame oil or specific frying oil – which I reckon it’s just marketing. I mean, is there an oil in nature who doesn’t fry?
I STOPPED using olive oil the day Giulia (who works at the uni as a chemist) told me that olive oil gets toxic very very soon when used for frying stuff 😱.  I like my fried chicken being toxic, but I don’t mean that kind of toxicity!
Make the oil get super hot. You can see it when it’s ready for your future-to-be fried chicken.

When the oil is hot, put the wing in the pan. Yes, you love that sound, don’t you? Your chicken wings are getting fried! The smell is already caressing your nose!
You are going to feel guilty for your coronaries and your belly fat another day, don’t worry.
Just enjoy the moment now.

Once the fried chicken gets the shade of gold you fancy, take it off the pan and place it upon a paper foil or an oil absorber foil. I normally get paper bags when I go to the bakery, so I can recycle them.
The paper drains the exceeded oil out of your fried chicken.

When all your wings are turned into an epic bowl of fried chicken, tune your telly to your fav football match (I bet Arsenal, right? 😏 ), open a beer and enjoy.

When I don’t fancy fried chicken, I fry fish. Ever tried frying one of these? Your mouth will be forever grateful to you.

What is your favourite junk food? Is there anything you can’t avoid to indulge?

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