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Silent Hill foggy Tursenia

You know when it’s foggy around and the city takes another shape? Welcome to foggy Tursenia, the new Silent Hill!

foggy Tursenia, silent hill, statue in the fogI woke up very early this morning as I couldn’t get any more sleep. You know when your mind is too full of thoughts that can’t rest a minute? There it is – but I’m wandering off.

Anyway, since I still had a couple of hours before working time, I decided to have a stroll and get fresh bread for me and the girls upstairs.

The best panettiere in town is Ciccio, a couple of turns before entering Giardini Carducci. Despite the cold temperature, I put my scarf on and hit the road.

The area of Tursenia where I live is a bit uphill, so the road goes down and then up again in the city centre. That creates a complicated (well, complicated for me) mix of air streams that results in fog.

Some days Tursenia is so foggy that looks like the worse foggy variation of London – ironic to me, huh?
Foggy Tursenia makes the air so thick you can cut it with a knife.

And all of a sudden, the gracious and coloured Tursenia turns into a creepy Silent Hill foggy Tursenia. Add that there were only a few people around…. well, you get the drill.

Here’s how Tursenia’s Giuseppe Garibaldi statue looked this morning. I was expecting a zombie Garibaldi coming down the stand and trying to rip my eyes off, but didn’t happen. Phew!

And yes, please don’t ask me why there’s a Giuseppe Garibaldi statue at Giardini Carducci. There should be a statue of poet Giosué (what kind of name is that?!) Carducci, right? There’s another crazy thing of Tursenia I will never figure out.

This is one of the rare times in my life when I feel like I’m in a videogame such as Silent Hill, how silly I am. Foggy Tursenia has got this power and influence to my mind, really?

Did anything like that happen to you? What’s your reaction when you feel such way?

Taken at Giardini Carducci in foggy Tursenia.

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