questions about me. Chase and Angelo in Tursenia

Some questions about me…

Author Morgan Wyatt asked some questions about me and put them onto her blog! Here’s a preview of what I told her.

questions about me. Chase and Angelo in Tursenia

You know I’m not the kind of guy who loves talking about himself, his past life and what he’s been up to. However, romance author Morgan Wyatt is too charming to resist. So when she asked for an interview, I couldn’t say no.

Her questions about me were more like a chat, so she made me comfortable and I started speaking about me, London, my family, my
life in Italy. A bit of everything, in a nutshell, but without touching my most painful topics.
Here’a quick preview, probably the question I fancied the most since it’s about Angelo:

Your best friend is Tursenia’s Police Inspect
or Angelo Alunni. How did you meet?

Our fathers met back in the Sixties during some kind of training/cooperations between Scotland Yard and Italian Police forces. They got along very well and kept the relationship after the training. I used to go to Angelo’s pretty much every summer and he used to come to London pretty often as well. He’s basically family to me.

Read the rest of the interview in Morgan’s blog!

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  1. You’ve got the Italians onto craft ales, what’s next – cricket? (They play over the border in southern Carinthia, contact Wolfgang Bulfon in Velden for more, he’s an Associate Member of the MCC). The Italian national Rugby Union team didn’t get near the finals, but they keep cracking at it. That’s determination. Will we see them in the Cricket World Cup next?

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