Inspector Angelo Alunni sushi Tursenia

It’s sushi night in Tursenia with the Inspector

Hungry at evenings but your fridge is empty? Ask Inspector Alunni, he knows how to rock your dinner with a crazy sushi night in Tursenia.

sushi night tursenia dish
I tend to be quite neat and to have always something ready to cook on my fridge. Sometimes, though, it happens that I just surrender to my old Londoner habits, ending up with hunger and nothing to eat.
No problem at all, anyway. If you’re in Tursenia and your stomach is heavily complaining, give Inspector Alunni a tinkle.
Angelo loves eating as much as he doesn’t like cooking, so he’s well renown basically in every restaurant in Tursenia.
He brought me into a sophisticated sushi night, making me try every single sushi bar or Japanese restaurant in the city. Hell of a journey, peeps!
sushi night tursenia dishes

I reckon I’ve never eaten so much fish in my life. We’ve been in something like 5 or 6 restaurants – I lost the count after a while… and after too many glasses of Sake!

We also tried the legendary Fugu blowfish sushi, the one that can kill you in a few minutes time if it’s badly cut off.
Here’s Angelo The Brave having the first bit of it before me. He didn’t die on the spot, so I proceeded with the tasting. Hell if it was good!
Inspector Angelo Alunni sushi night Tursenia
Too much Sake meant also me wearing the artist hat and crafting artistic photographs playing with the Instagram filters. That’s the best result. It was definitely better tasting than my rendered pic. sushi night tursenia
I eventually reached home quite late at night and with a food baby in my belly!
A note to pin in my mind: never asking Angelo again for a sushi night in Tursenia unless I don’t want to put a couple of stones up… and most of all, no sushi night again on weekdays! I’m getting old and I’m not the sharpest knife anymore whilst dealing with hangovers! Ouch!

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