Taking an alternative route in Tursenia…

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Taking an alternative route in Tursenia may cause you to stumble upon in such amazing and different landscapes.

I was going to meet Angelo yesterday at lunch time to have a sandwich with him. Via Piaggia della Roccia was closed to vehicles, so I had to leave my car and go to our meeting point by walk.
I took a road I’ve never taken before – uphill alleys heading to the historical city centre are all the same and eventually all bring to the main road.
I turned my head and boom – that’s what I could see from there. Breathtaking view. You can spot my neighbourhood and Ponte Marciano’s from this ugly shot I took.

Taking a detour sometimes is painful. This time, taking an alternative route was such a blessing!

Taken in Tursenia, very close to the top of the historical city centre.

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